coreNOC Launches Website to Showcase Innovative Network Solutions

October 30, 2019 – Dallas, Texas, USA – coreNOC announced the launch of their website that will inform clients about their end to end connectivity solutions. As communications providers, industries and governments seek opportunities to offer the latest LTE and 5G technology. coreNOC has created the ability to serve untapped and emerging markets with affordable infrastructure deployment. Visitors to the website will be able to preview services to explore new market possibilities, review industry news and connect with coreNOC’s team of leading wireless experts.

“The launch of our website will facilitate key decision makers in exploring alternative solutions to their LTE and 5G network connectivity issues,” noted Johnie Johnson, CEO of coreNOC. “Visiting our website will spark innovative ideas for reaching markets with cost effective network solutions.”

coreNOC has assembled a world class executive team with extensive wireless experience to assist clients in creating a profitable solution to offering next generation services. Their virtual common core enables carriers to efficiently deploy LTE and 5G technology. They also offer a discounted domestic and international roaming alternative that allows consumers to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

coreNOC partnered with The Time Group, a Dallas based marketing firm, to create the user-friendly web interface. For more information about coreNOC visit,

About coreNOC

coreNOC’s mission is to provide the highest quality technology-based solutions in the most competitive manner to facilitate positive deliverables for the company, strategic partners and customers. The company’s primary product offerings include: a Virtual Common Core to reduce the cost for carriers to deploy 4G and 5G technology, Infrastructure Equipment at an outstanding value for the rural carriers and emerging global markets and a SIM Bank for domestic and international roaming services at very competitive rates.