coreNOC Creates Disaster Relief Communication Solution

August 7, 2020 – Dallas, Texas, USA – coreNOC, a leader in next generation 4G and 5G equipment solutions and rapid deployment communication networks, unveiled a disaster recovery solution to keep lines of communication open during a natural disaster. COLT, a Cell Site on Light Truck, utilizes the popular Ford F-150 as a mobile, fully independent communications network. Now when connections are compromised or non-existent, first responders, emergency managers, hospitals and public utilities will have the ability to maintain voice, text and data communication.

“The incredible ingenuity of COLT is due to size and durability, it can go places most large Cell Sites on Wheels cannot,” stated Tyler McCue, CTO & Cofounder of coreNOC. “Working in both rural and urban environments, a fully operational network can be set up by a non-technical team in under ten minutes.”

coreNOC provides high speed internet through Wi-Fi and a local mobile 4G LTE service utilizing the combination of a Ka satellite and a local LTE mobile network for backhaul, when available. The COLT’s can be configured as a private 5G network using the Cloud Core and latest 5G NR radios. Additional bandwidth can be achieved by connecting CAT6 or fiber into the truck allowing communications in the most remote places. COLT is also able to support a high-speed wireless extension at additional locations with a 5Ghz Wireless Point to Point (PtP).

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About coreNOC

coreNOC’s mission is to provide the highest quality technology-based solutions in the most competitive manner to facilitate positive deliverables for the company, strategic partners and customers. The company’s primary product offerings include: a Virtual Common Core to reduce the cost for carriers to deploy 4G and 5G technology, Infrastructure Equipment at an outstanding value for the rural carriers and emerging global markets and a SIM Bank for domestic and international roaming services at very competitive rates.